How to Talk to your Parents about Aged Care Planning

It is too easy to avoid this conversation. And we get that. It can feel difficult and awkward and scary. After all you’re admitting that your parents’ health is in decline. It’s also likely your Mum and Dad will feel defensive.

But this isn’t about organising aged care for them before they need it, or limiting their independence before they’re ready.

It’s about having financial and personal plans in place so that if and when aged care becomes a necessity, after a fall or other medical emergency, the process is much smoother….

Mum Needs to Move in to Residential Aged Care – Where on Earth Do I Start?

Aged care decisions are complicated and the stakes are high. You are dealing with the shock and emotion that your Mum (or Dad) now needs to move into an aged care facility, but also have no idea what you need to do first.

Navigating the aged care system can be daunting. However there is a process and if you follow these steps then things will be easier. And to ensure that Mum’s in the best….